One Farm is the compilation of many philosophies and life experiences: a love of natureoutdoor exploration, fulfillment from physical labor, creative and seasonal cooking, sustainable growing practices, family roots, living authentically and food as medicine. It is also the result of access to family farmland – a privilege not held by many in the world – and a desire to do something personally meaningful with that access. 

One Farm fresh produce and herb seasoning salts are sold at the local farmers market in Harrison County, Iowa, as well as at weekly farm stand-style pickup points around the county and in Omaha, Neb. One Farm produce can also be found on menus at Roux's in Woodbine, Iowa, and many other restaurants in Omaha and Des Moines such as The Grey Plume, Baela Rose, The Boiler Room, Ted & Wally's and The Cheese Shop, thanks to sales and distribution through Farmtable Procurement & Delivery. 


What does “One Farm” mean? 

Every little thing matters. And when we want change, little things become big things through repetition. One step, one new venture, one person, one small brave act can transform your life, your health and your general attitude and well being.