Herb Salts



One Farm herb seasoning salts are a great addition to your kitchen – and great for gift giving too. Keep them on your spice rack, or better yet, set them next to your stove for easy access when you need a pinch here and there. We have several flavors of herb salts available, and continue to add to our list. We make these salts with herbs we grow here on the farm along with sea salt. (They are two parts herb to one part salt.) At $6 per 3-4 oz. jar, they make great little gifts too. You can use them on "everything," but here are a few suggestions for each flavor. 


Basil Salt

Fresh sliced tomatoes, cottage cheese, pasta dishes, popcorn 

Celery Salt

Soups, stuffing, tuna salad, eggs, tomatoes

Cilantro Salt

Fajitas, taco meat, Thai cooking 

Chive Salt

Most everything; eggs, potatoes, popcorn 

Onion Salt

Meat, soups, tomatoes

Sage Salt

Potatoes, poultry, soups 

Tarragon Salt

Chicken, vinaigrettes, potatoes 

Thanksgiving Blend Salt

Poultry, stuffing, potatoes, roasted roots

Thyme Salt

Pasta sauce, roasted vegetables, soups

Pick up herb salts at our One Farm Market at 215 East 7th Street in Logan or the Harrison County Farmers Market, or e-mail onefarmer@one-farm.com.